Vidinha Stadium Autocross!!!!



Results for Vidinha Autocross 9/16/23!!!

Future Events!!! (Thanks Craig!!!)

9/16/2023 Saturday North Lot

10/21/2023 Saturday North Lot

11/18/2023 Saturday North Lot

12/16/2023 Saturday North Lot

The only place on island where you can safely test your car’s limits.

Lot opens at 7:00 

Tech inspections open at 8:00 

Driver's meeting starts at 9:00



These events will be run in accordance with the Safe Practices and Social Distancing recommended and required by the State of Hawaii and the County of Kauai.

For more information please read

Kauai County COVID 19 site and Mayor's Proclaimations

State of Hawaii Roadmap to Recovery


How will these events work???!?



Give yourself enough time to get registered and to get your car prepared and inspected.

Arrive early if you can help with setup or if you want to learn to use our timing and scoring system.

Any questions???

Hit us up at 




Become an SCCA member!

Event fees for SCCA members are at least $20 lower than for non-members.  SCCA membership has gone up lots in the last couple of years, so save by signing up for mulitiple years.  The only way we can hold these events is with the financial and administrative support of SCCA.

Save money and support the sport by becoming a SCCA member.

Tell your friends.

Autocross is open to any licensed driver with ANY safe car.

It’s easy.

Pull any loose objects out of your car.

Make sure you have enough air in your tires.

Bring your helmet and covered shoes!

Helmets are required!  Helmets must be certified Snell 2005 or better.

Check if your helmet is safe and current.   SCCA Helmet Certifications

Some Loaner Helmets are available.

Thanks everyone for coming out!




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