Q: Wait, we have SCCA racing on Kauai?

A: Yes! Kauai SCCA is hosting Autocross events on Kauai.

Q: What is SCCA Solo racing?

A: The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) sanctions autocross races under the title of Solo. Autocross racing is done in empty paved lots with the course layed out with traffic cones. One competitor at a time takes to the course and races against the clock, with times compared with other cars in each class at the end of the day.

Q: What safety equipment does my car need to race?

A: Your car will be inspected to make sure it is safe. You do not need any special safety equipment like a roll bar, race seats or harnesses, but your car must be free of any loose materials (trunk or cabin) that might fly around while on course. Your battery must be securely fastened and there should be no loose objects on the car that might come undone under race conditions.

Q: What safety equipment do I need as a driver?

A: You will be required to wear a helmet with a Snell 95 or newer rating and closed toed shoes. You will also need a valid drivers license.

Q: My car is not a race car, is there a class for me?

A: Yes, the SCCA has a class for almost everyone from bone stock daily drivers to heavily modified race cars. The only cars not eligible are cars prone to rollover like SUV's or lifted trucks. SCCA solo rules are HERE.

Q: Well, what class IS my car in?

A: Well the rulebook has the final word but if your car is stock HERE is a .pdf of what class your stock car is in. If your car has some performance modifications HERE is a brief overview of what mods put you into what class. But remember this is just a guide and the Official Rule Book makes the final call.